ICF Core Set Manual for Clinical Practice - Now in Spanish

The World Health Organization's International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) is the common framework to understand and describe functioning and disability. ICF Core Sets facilitate the description of functioning in clinical practice by providing lists of categories selected from the entire ICF for various health conditions and health care contexts.cover spanish version coresetmanual

Published in English, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean and now Spanish. This manual will soon be available in Portugese and Japanese. It includes:

  • An introduction to the concepts of functioning and disability.

  • A description of the development process of the ICF Core Sets and their purpose.

  • An introduction to the application of the ICF Core Sets in clinical practice based on a documentation form and use cases.

  • All available ICF Core Sets and corresponding documentation forms.

This manual is inherently multi-professional and will be of benefit not only to practitioners in various health care settings, but alos for students and teachers.

The manual can be ordered directly from the publisher or online on various portals like Amazon, and many more... For the flyer on the English version click here. For the Italian version click here, here for the German version, here for the Chinese version, here for the Korean version and here for the Spanish version.

The accompanying electronic documentation tool is also available on an open access basis at www.icf-core-sets.org.

Contact the ICF Research Branch Coordinator, for further details.

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